Otelco Inc. – A proud past. A bright future.

OTT Communications is a division of Otelco Inc., based in Alabama. Otelco provides affordable, reliable and integrated telecommunication services to homes, businesses, institutions and municipalities in Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont and West Virginia.

Otelco was formed in Delaware in 1998 for the purpose of operating and acquiring rural local exchange carriers, or RLECs. Since 1999, Otelco has acquired ten RLEC businesses throughout their various locations. Otelco provides competitive services through several subsidiaries in these territories. In addition, Otelco acquired two facilities based competitive local exchange carriers, or CLECs, which provide services throughout the states of Maine and New Hampshire.

The RLEC companies Otelco acquired date all the way back to the introduction of telecommunications services in the US. Otelco is able to leverage their long-standing relationship with their local service customers by offering them an extensive variety of telecommunications and information services, such as long distance, Internet/data access and, in some areas, cable or satellite television, allowing Otelco to be a “one stop shop” thereby providing customers with the ability to bundle their services and increasing customer loyalty.

In Maine and New Hampshire, Otelco’s facilities based CLEC operates under the trade name of OTT Communications and serves business customers throughout the states, utilizing their extensive fiber network. In ten years of operations, OTT Communications has grown to provide more than 29,000 voice and data access lines to thousands of business customers.

OTT Communications in Maine - Growth and Innovation

OTT Communications is a division of Otelco Inc. formed out of the merger of Mid-Maine Communications and Pine Tree Networks. Otelco first entered Maine in 2006, when they acquired Mid-Maine Communications. Mid-Maine Communications came into being in 1994 to serve 26 communities in the greater Bangor area.
In 1997, this company became an Internet provider in addition to providing telecommunication services. Mid-Maine Communications constructed an extensive fiber optic network that now serves areas all across Maine.

In 1999, Mid-Maine Communications became a major competitor in the commercial telecommunications market. Mid-Maine was one of the first companies in Bangor and Portland to introduce dedicated business broadband connectivity.

Otelco acquired Pine Tree Networks in 2008. Pine Tree Networks has been a household brand name synonymous with telecommunications in Maine for over 100 years.

Pine Tree Networks has grown into a multi-faceted provider of state-of-the-art communication technology in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and West Virginia.

OTT Communications has a long track record of listening to their customers, investing in technology, and delivering it all with a decidedly human touch.
OTT Communications holds strong the values of delivering the best communications available with a local touch, great customer service and a genuine commitment to the communities served.

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