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OTT Communications | Phone & High Speed Internet for your ME,NH,MA,VT,WV Home or Business | 1-877-643-6246

Frequent Questions

What is Web Mail?
A convenient way to check your OTT e-mail account from any computer with Internet access and a compatible web browser.
A great tool for those who travel to receive their e-mail without long-distance charges.
An easy to use web-based interface to a standard IMAP mailbox, works as an aid to other e-mail programs (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc).
A way to "preview" the contents of your mailbox before downloading them (helpful if you get a lot of mail with attachments).
Faster than the previous OTT Webmail, interacting efficiently with your e-mail on our servers.

How do I Send an Attachment?
Open the Mail Program that you are using and you can be online or offline when completing this task. Just make sure that you do go online to send your message when you are finished adding your attachment. Next open a new e-mail window to send a new e-mail. Then click on Insert at the top of the window and Add Attachment, and then browse to find the attachment you want to send and left click on it to highlight it and then click on the Attach button on window to add.
 A Few Special Notes
Attachments can greatly impact the performance of your e-mail. Choose what you send and to whom you send it with care.
Items like scanned photographs can sometimes be very, very large -- 2MB in size to over 20MB. The resolution of pictures displayed on a web browser is typically under 150 dpi. If you scan images at 300, 600 or higher dpi, the quality of the picture may not improve sufficiently to be worth exceptionally long download times for the recipient.
If you typically send attachments, you should NOT e-mail yourself a copy. Nor should you choose to have the messages you send saved, unless you carefully manage your mailbox. Choose the Do not archive sent messages in the Sent folder option in the Preferences settings if it is not important that you keep sent messages.
ALL mail in Web Mail counts against your mailbox quota. If you need to archive large messages, or large numbers of messages, you should consider using a standard mail program in conjunction with Web Mail.

How do I block spam?
OTT Partners With Google
In our continuing commitment to provide the latest technology to our customers, OTT Communications has partnered with Google to provide you superior anti-SPAM and virus protection. In partnering with Google you will see a dramatic decrease in the number of junk emails filling your in box and be better protected against viruses that could infect your computer. We are very pleased to be offering this service at no additional charge to our customers.
Google is the industry's leading provider of email security and management solutions that protect email communications by providing complete email intrusion prevention, effectively eliminating threats before they impact your computer. Google's patented technology virtually eliminates SPAM and viruses, stops denial-of-service and directory harvest attacks, safeguards content, and improves email performance - Postini offers the most comprehensive protection available.

Google Features:
  • User defined SPAM filter level via the Junk Email Assistant
  • User defined virus protection; you can turn the protection on or off depending on your individual needs
  • Easy to use online interface enables you to change your selections anytime you want
  • Private and secure; nobody has access to your e-mail except for you.

I Cannot Send or Receive My E-Mail with Outlook or Outlook Express?

First we need to check your mail settings in either one of these e-mail programs to make sure they are correct. First open the E-Mail program so you get to the main screen. Then click on Tools on the top bar then Accounts then click on the Mail Tab. Next click on pop.myottmail.com then click on the Properties tab.
The following will read "type the name by which you would like to refer to these servers" In the white box below. Make sure you have the following information: pop.myottmail.com. Next make sure below that your correct e-mail address is indicated and it should similar to this
Next Click on the Sever Tab on top. It should read the following "my incoming mail server is an imap". The Incoming mail should be pop.myottmail.com and the Outgoing is mail.myottmail.com. Below that should be your account name, which is the first half of your e-mail address and then your password associated with your account.

When is my bill due?
Payments are due 26 days from the postmark date of the bill.

How do I pay my bill?

A number of options are available. You can pay online, in person, or by mail. 

To pay online: click on the IPay logo under Customer Resources. 

To pay by mail: OTT Communications, PO Box 11004, Lewiston, ME 04243

To pay in person you can visit any of our offices.  Office Locations are listed in the Contact Us section of the site.
What is DSL?
Digital Subscriber Line is a high speed data service that is delivered over a standard phone line. Using digital technology, advanced services, such as high speed internet access, can be delivered over the same phone line as standard telephone service.

How fast is DSL?
DSL service is available in various levels up to 7.1mbps. (That's over 140 times faster than dial-up.) The actual speed of the service you receive may vary depending upon your distance from the telephone company central office, and upon the condition of circuits in your area.

Where can I purchase a DSL modem?
An external modem is included in the cost of installation. Our technicians will install this modem and connect it to your computer. The modem is specially selected for optimum performance with SecureSpeed.

Can I still use the telephones I have now with SecureSpeed service?
Yes! We will provide you with special filters that you install on each jack where you have a telephone. This filter separates DSL signals from phone service. Depending upon the current wiring installation in your home, inside wiring may or may not be required. A DSL modem for your computer is included in the cost of installation.

I have more than one PC in my home. Can I connect multiple PC's to SecureSpeed?
Yes! SecureSpeed users may connect as many PC's as they desire to the service. Support is provided for the first workstation. SecureSpeed Professional users receive Support for up to five PC's. (An ethernet hub and multiple ethernet cards will be required.)

Why should I choose SecureSpeed over cable modem service?
You should choose SecureSpeed DSL if you are concerned about the security of your PC and the information on it. Because connections are not shared with SecureSpeed DSL, the service is inherently more secure than cable modem service.
You should also choose SecureSpeed DSL if you find there are times when your cable modem service slows down. Cable modem connections provide shared bandwidth. Heavy users in your neighborhood could be slowing down your service. With DSL, your connection is your connection.
How do I avoid telemarketers?
The Federal Trade Commission created the National Do Not Call Registry to help consumers control unwanted telemarketing calls. Placing your name on this registry can dramatically reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive. To learn more, or to sign up for this registry, visit www.donotcall.gov.

What should I do if I don't recognize a number on my bill?
Call your business office at 1-877-643-6246. Your Customer Service Representative will happy to investigate the call and give you the name of the party called.
How can I save money on long distance?
OTT Communications offers several optional calling plans, with options to fit every need and budget. For more information about in-state toll calling plans, please call our Customer Service team at 1-877-643-6246.

What are my email servers?
Incoming (IMAP) Server is pop.myottmail.com / Outgoing (SMTP) Server is mail.myottmail.com with my server requires authentication.  Your username will be your email address and password will be your email address' password.
I have ADSL and now I have noise on my phone?
Check for filters on all jacks that a telephone cord is plugged into.  Make certain they all have filters plugged into the jack minus the jack that the modem is plugged into.

I am away from home and now I can’t send mail?

We recommend changing your email server settings with your outgoing mail to "My server requires authentication.  Your username will be your email address and password will be your email address' password. This change can be a permanent change.

Alternatively, you can log into our webmail at http://www.ottcommunications.com/maillogin.html

I received an email saying that I need to send you my username and password?
This is a scam email.  Please do not respond and delete it immediately.

Business FAQ’s

Does OTT Communications offer packages for small business?
At OTT we assess the individual needs of our customers, and provide them with cost effective voice and Internet services. We do not offer specific packages for small business. Rather, we look at the needs of your business – now and in the future – and provide cost-effective communication solutions to keep your business competitive.

What sets OTT Communications apart from the competition?
OTT is a customer focused company with a very high customer retention rate. Our employees are dedicated to our customers and pride themselves in properly managing their customer’s accounts. OTT Communications is large enough to service any business telecommunications service need, yet small enough to meet those needs in a personal and customized manner.

What types of services do you offer?
We offer the full spectrum of TDM voice offerings (POTS, Centrex, Channelized T1s, and PRIs). We also provide data services, such as Internet Access (Dial-up, ADSL, SDSL, T1, DS-3, Ethernet), and WAN (SiteLink IP) services with Quality of Service (ClearStream). OTT also owns an extensive fiber network, and provides various fiber services to Maine businesses.

What can I expect for downtime when switching my services to OTT Communications?
You can expect minimal downtime when switching your services over to OTT. Our talented and dedicated employees work with your company to assure your services are brought over efficiently and with minimal downtime.

What is the difference between your ADSL and SDSL services?
Our SDSL is a business class service provisioned on a separate circuit with a Static IP. Varying levels of bandwidth options are available, depending upon the needs of the customer. ADSL is considered to be more of a residential class of service. A Static IP is not included, and the speeds are on a best effort basis.

Do you offer Centrex service?
OTT offers Centrex service, and will customize the system based on the specific features needed. All features carry a small monthly fee, and are not included with the basic line rate.

Can you explain your SiteLink IP offer?
SiteLink IP is a Multi-Protocol wide area network provisioned through the use of VLAN tagging, providing the end user with a private segment of the OTT Communications Access Network. Our SiteLink IP offer is a fully meshed network topology allowing the customer to have complete control over IP Addressing, Subnetting and Routing.

Does OTT Communications offer Quality of Service on your network?
Yes, we offer ClearStream QoS, which allows our SiteLink IP customers to classify and prioritize certain applications on their SiteLink IP network and have a true End-to-End Quality of Service for applications such as VoIP, Video Conferencing, or critical data applications.

How does OTT Communications address Business Continuity with your SiteLink IP offer?
A fully-meshed network plays an important role in business continuity. With our SiteLink IP service, an organization can quickly provision a DR site as “just another site on the WAN” in the event of a disaster at the main location. Using IP Addressing, all traffic would simply be routed to the alternate site.

Will I be able to keep my same numbers and current directory listings if I switch to your superior business telephone service?
Yes, when choosing OTT Communications as you service provider you will be able to keep your current numbers, and we will duplicate your current directory listings.