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OTT Communications Cloud Powered Network Providing a centralized, web-enabled communications infrastructure for your business.
OTT Communications Cloud Powered Network Providing a centralized, web-enabled communications infrastructure for your business.

OTT Communications' Business Bundles and Cloud Powered Network

OTT Communications Cloud Powered Network delivers software, phone services, data access and storage services via the Internet, or a private IP connection.

Business Bundles

OTT Communications 
hosts and manages the PBX equipment
 at our switching office. This eliminates the need for cumbersome and expensive on-site equipment for your business and gives you the ability to have one or several locations on the same system. You can manage your company’s needs by adding or removing lines at anytime.

Route incoming calls to any phone of any type anywhere in the world, including system phones, home phones, and cell phones. Your employees can work from the office or home, from the road or a remote work site and never miss a call.

Integrate multiple offices under one central phone number
. This ensures that no matter where your offices are located, a single business number gives access to all of your employees and departments

Turn features on and off with the click of a mouse
.  Access a comprehensive selection of customizable features to keep your customers connected to your employees and your employees connected to each other.

Scale up or down at any time and pay only for what you need
.  Manage your company’s growth easily. Services are offered on the basis of the number of users, so you start with as many or as few extensions as you need.

No Cap Ex!  And Reduce Op Ex!
  Eliminate ongoing support and maintenance costs for phone system equipment. You have no hardware or technology beyond the phones to purchase or manage for your premises and employees.

Obtain access to the latest technology updates at no additional cost
.  All upgrades are implemented at our switching office following complete testing by OTT Communications certified technicians.

Benefit from 24/7 network management and monitoring at no extra charge!
  Business Continuity/Disaster recovery capabilities are a key benefit of OTT Communications Hosted PBX Solution. Our switching infrastructure is fully redundant with backup power systems and network connectivity.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Call Center
ACD Agent and Supervisor Access
Rich Reporting Statistics

Enhanced Features and Services Including
Auto Attendant
Voice Mail
Fax Messaging
Conference Calling

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