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Optimize the Way Your Business Communicates! HPBX Does it Better, Faster, and For Less!
Optimize the Way Your Business Communicates! HPBX Does it Better, Faster, and For Less!

Hosted PBX - Optimize Your Business

OTT Communications' Hosted PBX product is a reliable Internet based telecommunications service, packaged in a preprogrammed easy to use desk phone!  There is no bulky or expensive equipment to be installed, it gives you the ability to have one or multiple business locations all on the same system and enables the user to work from anywhere by simply bringing their phone! It is fully customizable for any sized business and budget.

·  FREE in-network/interoffice calling!  Never pay for your employee's toll or long distance calls across your organization again!
·   Zero Down, No Payment for 90 Days! - We offer a 90-Day Deferred payment plan for phones and Equipment!  (CLICK HERE for more information)
·  No Maintenance costs!  24/7 network management and monitoring is provided at no extra cost.  Upgrades are done off site, initiated and tested by our OTT Communications certified technicians. 

·     Hosted PBX is a phone system that uses the Internet instead of traditional phone lines, eliminating the need for expensive on-site equipment and the closets full of hardware and wires!
·     OTT Communications hosts and manages the PBX infrastructure at our two redundant switching offices.

·     Turn features on and off, add users, route selective or all incoming calls to any phone anywhere with the click of a mouse.
·     Work from the office or from home, a remote work site or hotel room on the road by simply plugging in the phone.  ( Great for Call Centers! CLICK HERE for more info)
·     From 1 phone to 100+ phones, 1 location in State to 40+ locations across the nation, customers can reach all employees and all departments through one single business number.  One number can do it all.
·     Efficiencies!  Voice over IP transmits digital data packets – During a pause in your phone conversation, the same line you are using can be transmitting other data at the same time!

·    OTT Communications provides FACE TO FACE training!  Our Hosted PBX trainers actually come to your office to train your staff! No self-teaching here!
·     Features, Features and more Features!  Voicemails turn into E-mails, Simultaneous ringing ensures customers aren’t waiting too long, Click to Dial right from your desktop, Swap a call from your cell phone to your desk phone with the click of a button and without disconnecting!

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